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Rave reviews for Wittenberg! See it again in Spring 2017!

“Fact plus fiction equals big laughs in Southwest Shakespeare’s Wittenberg!”
★★★★ FOUR STARS! Kerry Lengel, AZ Central 

“Dickinson, Glass, and Wilson are phenomenal ~ richly, crisply, and believably channeling their characters. Ms. Sell ~ in multiple roles, including a sassy barmaid, the object of Faustus’s affections, and a messenger of sad tidings from Elsinore, demonstrates once again her remarkable versatility.” ~Herb Paine

“Luther is saddened and torn and Glass exhibits those conflicted feelings exceptionally. Zany and thought-provoking aren’t two descriptions that usually go together, yet the smartly written Wittenberg manages to be both … the end result is charming, intellectual, confident and inspiring, yet also extremely hilarious.” ~Gil Benbrook


King John has earned rave reviews from both Kerry Lengle of the Arizona Republic and Gil Benbrook of Talkin’ Broadway!

“the current production at the Mesa Arts Center is a must-see for Shakespeare completists, as this play is rarely performed….directed by Sakren in a lean two-hour staging, is briskly paced and easy to follow, which is no mean feat amid the thicket of lordly titles and convoluted blood relationships in medieval England. …one of Shakespeare’s cleanest and least problematic…Maren Maclean, one of the Valley’s top actresses, is appropriately fiery (and, later, tragically quenched) as Constance, who seeks to put her son Arthur on John’s throne….. a solid ensemble overall, with several fine turns in minor roles that help make this plot-heavy play zip along….battles, betrayals and a boisterous Philip the Bastard, a wise-cracking, mercurial figure who seems at first to care only about his own gain but turns out to be his own kind of lionhearted…..portrayed by Los Angeles actor Ross Hellwig (with) bubble and spark.”

—Kerry Lengel, The Arizona Republic

“….a high energy political power struggle…..Maren Maclean delivers a powerhouse of emotions in her portrayal of Arthur’s mother Constance. Her outbursts show her capable range and intensity, and the pained anguish she instills in Constance once her son is captured is superb….Jesse James Kamps is terrific; he intuitively shows Hubert’s dilemma when forced to do John’s dirty work….meaty parts, an understandable story, and is a swift production—running just two hours with intermission. With an almost perfect cast, impressive direction, and fighting scenes that are fast and furious, Southwest Shakespeare’s production is not only recommended for Shakespeare fans and Shakespeare completists, but for those who enjoy historical dramas and suspense and yes, even “Game of Thrones” fans.”

—Gil Benbrook, Talkin’ Broadway