The Comedy of Errors


MICHAEL MANN OR SHAKESPEARE…Miami Vice or The plaie of Errors’ by ‘Shaxbere’

Can you “feel it coming in the air tonight”? Beatings, seduction, arrests, mistaken identity…have Crockett and Tubbs been replaced by Antipholus and Dromio and…Antipholus and Dromio? The Comedy of Errors is the shortest of Shakespeare’s plays and perhaps his most farcical, so a trip to South Beach in the eighties can’t hurt.

Though not published until 1688, Gesta Grayorum is the earliest record of a rowdy Comedy of Errors performed on 28 December 1594 at London’s Gray Inn, one of the Inns of Court known for the study and practice of law. In fact, some say Shakespeare wrote his shortest play concerning legal issues on the occasion of a Christmas celebration for a raucous crowd of witty law students. Things worked out well it would seem…the great hall had five arched doorways and a gallery in which one could easily set up a temporary stage. In the Inn’s annals for 1604, it is on record that Comedy was performed by His Majesty’s Players at Christmas yet again. The plaie of Errors became a tradition.