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Becoming Othello: A Black Girls Journey  (Nov 5th-8th)

by Debra Ann Byrd

Journey the autobiographical story of Broadway World’s 2019 ”Best Actress” in Phoenix metro, Debra Ann Byrd returns to Arizona before opening in London (November 19). From Harlem to Stratford Upon Avon – this journey will inspire you and bring to life the hope that anything is possible. 

Mabel Madness   (Nov. 12th-15th)

by Trezana Beverley

“Mabel Madness” written and performed by TONY Award Winner, Trezana Beverley – is the captivating miraculous story of Frank Sinatra’s muse, British born, Cabaret singer and unsuspecting winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Mabel Mercer – In her own style, Cabaret! How could History forget Mable? 

All the Devils Are Here: How Shakespeare Invented the Villain (Nov. 19th-22nd)

by Patrick Page

“All the Devils Are Here: How Shakespeare Invented the Villain” written and performed by Broadway legend Grammy Winner/ TONY Nominee – Patrick Page, who is currently starring in the runaway Broadway hit Hadestown. He plays Hades. All the Devils really are here! 

Shakespeare and the Alchemy of Gender (Nov. 26th-29th)

by Lisa Wolpe

“Shakespeare and the Alchemy of Gender” written and performed by Lisa Wolpe internationally renowned Theater practitioner and founder of Los Angeles Women’s’ Shakespeare Company – The autobiography of the estranged daughter of a Jewish World War II hero who infiltrated Nazi intelligence – and other secrets that reveal themselves over time.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Dec. 3rd-6th)

By Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield

“The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged” – Holiday style! This wild romp broke all records as London’s longest running comedy. Now in AZ to delight audiences. Hitting the Holidays with a smile with Gustavo Flores, Benjamin Harris and Racquel McKenzie and directed by Clay Sanderson.

The Tempest (Mesa Amphitheater 2021 TBD)

by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s famous farewell to the stage is the story of brotherly betrayal, first love, monsters, magic, revenge, and ultimately forgiveness. This swirling Romance is filled with some of Shakespeare’s most enduring characters and clowns as the exiled wizard Prospero conducts them all toward a climactic ending of “such stuff as dreams are made on.”

Manahatta (Mesa Amphitheater 2021 TBD)

by Mary Kathryn Nagel

“Manahatta” is the Lenape Indian word for “island of many hills” and tells the story of Securities trader Jane Snake’s return to Wall Street in the homeland her ancestors. A tale told from the perspective a relocated Lenape family. Past and present are woven together as 21st Century and the 17th Century illustrate the consequences of colonialism and high finance.