Important Bardcard Information

• April 3 – 6  – Bard Card Renewals (aka Bard Club Membership)

 • April 6 @ 7pm – Earlybird Bard Card Sale open to public

 • April 6 – Single Tickets go on sale // seat reservations available for Bards

 • April 13 – Bard Card Earlybird Sale Closes

Legends of the Werewolf

October 1-14 at Taliesin West. Written by Beau Heckman and Directed by Mary Way… just in time for Halloween – receive a full Education pertaining to the natural phenomenon of werewolves. Where did they come from where did they go. Did they go? Are they behind now? 

From Tidworth With Love

November 11 – 14 – Veterens’ Weekend at Taliesin West. We have the world Premiere of a new play by David Barker –  From Tidworth with Love — based on his parents letters during his father’s deployment in World War 2. Its a charming and powerful love story, full of the highs of romance and trials of active military service. We welcome all, especially veterans, to this performance and will have talkbacks immediately afterward  to discuss the psychological ramifications of war. And to thank those in active service. 


November 18-21 at Taliesin West we have an opportunity to see our touring show – a 90 minute Hamlet, The Prince of Denmark written by William Shakespeare, directed by David Ira Goldstein. The cast of this show have been studying Hamlet for the past 12 weeks — this will be our most powerfully rehearsed show ever. We welcome the opportunity to share the touring show with our audience at home. 

And this year we return to SEDONA!! 

You will have another opportunity to see our Touring Hamlet in Sedona February 8-13 in the Sedona Performing Arts Center.

Teachers and community groups can also book this show – and The Prince of Denmark will come to you! 

Scrooge! A Christmas Panto (In the British Style)

In December… we have a surprise. For the first time ever….A Traditional British “Panto”. (December 10th-23rd)

SCROOGE!  It will seem modern but,  Panto’s have been a favorite winter treat in the UK since the 1400s. Panto takes a familiar story and turns it on its side in an hilarious spoof. It’s a romp. Men play women, women play men and the audience has its part to play too! Heckling is encouraged. And, while there is an adult line of humor, these shows are intended for audiences of all ages. A holiday delight. Come try SROOGE, The Panto!! at Old Town Scottsdale’s Stagebrush Theater

The Tempest

At the Mesa Arts Center Feb 25th-March 20th, The Tempest is Shakespeare’s fantastical imagining inspired by the real life shipwreck of The Sea Venture, one of the British fleet lost off the coast of The Burmudas in 1609 – the Fleet was on its way to the new Jamestown settlement in Virginia. 

Spirits, mythic creatures and magic abound. Right now we are watching Shakespeare’s alleged first play – by comparison – The Tempest – It is thought to be the last play Shakespeare wrote on his own in 1610-11. Please Don’t miss it. 

Farinelli and the King

At the Mesa Arts Center March 5th-20th, Farinelli and the King is an contemporary play orchestrated with Baroque music based on the true story of King Phillip the Fifth of Spain and his friendship with the most famous countertenor (castrato) of the 18th Century, Farinelli. This play opened at Shakespeare’s Globe in 2017 and won several Olivier Awards. It is s charming soulful story about opera, leadership, friendship and mental illness. It’s expected to be released as a major motion picture? But see it’s Arizona premiere here first. 

Shall I Compare Thee: The Sonnets

At Taliesin West April 7th-17th. Shall I Compare Thee brings the Sonnets to life and allows words to dance onstage as words, lyrics, music, dance and images. Come “sing hymns at heavens gates like break of day arising” at this extraordinary celebration of life, love and the pursuit of happiness in a post COViD world. Adapted and arranged by SSC Artistic Director Mary Way. 

Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles

At Taliesin West April 28th-May 8th. A Medea in LA is written by Mac Arthur Genius Awardee, Luis Alfaro. It’s the story of a Mexican Immigrant family in parallel with the classic Greek Tragedy, Medea. The play has been staged at Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the Getty in LA, and is only possible here by special permission of the playwright. It will be Directed by Vice Provost of ASU head of Inclusion (Oregon Shakespeare Festival Dramaturg and SSC board Member), Dr Tiffany Ana Lopez, and Melanie Queponds!