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The Tempest 

by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s famous farewell to the stage is the story of brotherly betrayal, first love, monsters, magic, revenge, and ultimately forgiveness. This swirling Romance is filled with some of Shakespeare’s most enduring characters and clowns as the exiled wizard Prospero conducts them all toward a climactic ending of “such stuff as dreams are made on.” 

Hudson: Or A Comedy About the Tragedy of History    

by Quinn Mattfeld and Danny Tieger

The untold and untrue story of the mutiny of 1611 and the fate of Henry Hudson, his son, his crew, and his name. Hudson is a musical tragicomedy exploring hope, love, loss, and legacy as one of history’s most famous names comes face to face with the only country left undiscovered.

Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare

One of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies featuring the scorched-earth battle of the sexes between Beatrice and Benedick, set in a time of transition and tumult in the U.S.: the men are coming home from war in a foreign land. Questions, rumors, and gossip fuel the clashing cultures of the late 60’s and all of the characters hurtle toward one another, colliding in romance, disaster, and hilarity!


by Mary Kathryn Nagel

“Manahatta” is the Lenape Indian word for “island of many hills” and tells the story of Securities trader Jane Snake’s return to Wall Street in the homeland her ancestors were forcibly removed from in the seventeenth century. Past and present are woven together in this tale about the tragic consequences of colonialism and commercial exploitation on Native American culture and its people.

Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles

by Luis Alfaro 

Euripides’ classic tale of marital revenge is reimagined through the lives of a young immigrant family living in modern day L.A. Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles is an intense 90 minute drama about jealousy, ambition, and assimilation that hurtles dangerously toward its shocking climax.