In response to COVID-19 and out of concern for the health and safety of our patrons the Southwest Shakespeare Company has postponed the remainder of our 2019-2020 Season.
This is a strange and challenging time for the theatre but as Shakespeare and his players survived the plague, so will we survive the Coronavirus.
We know how important it is to this community that we continue our work and we believe that if we can’t bring people to the theater, we will bring theatre to the people.
We are currently rehearsing and recording virtual readings of some of Shakespeare’s greatest works including Othello, 12th Night, Hamlet, and more which you can watch LIVE, every Saturday at 7:30pm or any time after that through our Patreon page.
In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Puck implores the audience: “Give us your hands if we be friends…” And now is the time that we need friends. If you have it within your means to contribute today, it will helps us carry your favorite stories and ours through these dark times.
We are the bearers of the light and if we are fortunate enough to have your support, we promise not to let you down now, when you need us the most.


Southwest Shakespeare Company opens doors by exploring the intricacies of language through the vibrant and passionate performance of works of classical theatre. We exist to elevate, entertain, educate, and inspire the general public and educational communities of Arizona and the Southwest.


SSC’s vision is to be the premier classical theatre company in the Southwest, building a cultural awareness of the classics that impacts the life of every person, for we feel that art should play an active role in every person’s life. A culturally-aware and culturally-knowledgeable community has the best chance to become a caring and humane community, and SSC has a major role to play in making that happen in the Southwest.


We are committed to the art of the classical theatre experience and the many benefits it holds for modern audiences of all ages.

Our plays, educational programs and other activities are designed to be relevant to the needs and interests of our audience and to provide value to the community.

We are committed to education at all levels and to educating diverse audiences about the value of classical theatre.

We believe in the value of literacy and the power of language and literature to impact the lives of our youth, our audiences and our community-at-large.

We will meet the highest standards of excellence and demonstrate the highest ethical standards in every activity.

We believe in artistic integrity, freedom, flexibility and creativity in all we do.

We will achieve the highest level of professionalism at all levels of the Company.

We are committed to promoting diversity throughout the organization, including staff, board, volunteers and audience.

We are committed to the community we serve and believe that our work makes a difference and improves the lives of those we touch.

We are committed to providing the highest levels of support to our artists, support personnel, staff members, and volunteers.

We treat all of our contributors, volunteers, and members with respect and integrity, knowing that their gifts of time and money are the lifeblood of our organization and a statement of their commitment to us and what we stand for.

We believe in the value of the theatre experience and that the experience has the power to transform people’s lives and improve the community.

We are committed to playing a leadership role in both the arts community and in the larger community.

Southwest Shakespeare Company’s reputation and good name are of the highest value and nothing anyone associated with the Company does should jeopardize them.